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Blogging a tweet

UPDATED 4 pm, 2 March 2009

Yes, a new month, a Monday morning, and another first here at The Blather. I’ve got a lot of work at the moment so I haven’t been blogging. It hasn’t been good for me (not blogging=not writing).

I don’t have time to do a proper blog post right now, so I’m going to do the quickest, easiest, simplest thing I can do to prop up this Blather. I’m going LCD.

I’m going to blog a tweet.

For those not aware, a “tweet” is a statement made on Twitter. I like the description of Twitter as a giant, crowded, noisy bar where people yell out stuff to each other. It’s especially fun during big events like the vice-presidential debates or mild earthquakes. If I find @susankitchens there, we chat a bit in that public forum

Sometimes it seems silly, because Susan is a dear friend, and I know her phone number(s). I even know the phone number she had 25 years ago—only because the numbers play the tune “It’s a Small World After All.” (In case you’re wondering, it’s 449-7525. Try it—but please hang up before it rings.) Once I tweeted to her, “Sod Twitter, I’m ringing you up” because why yell across a crowded room when you can pick up the telephone?

In any case, here’s my Tweet:

kellylcr Brave New World comes to the school lunch room: Big Mother is Watching

That’s a link to Karen E. Klein’s interesting and humorous article in today’s LA Times. Oops–wrong!  That’s Karin Klein’s piece, not Karen E. Klein’s piece.  Thanks to Karen (via email) and Susan C for the correction.

Re: Karin’s piece (the one in the tweet):  Oh, the brave new world of electronic surveillance in your kid’s life. Being underage never sucked so much.

Karen E. Klein does write for the LA Times—her Small Business column appears each Monday in the Business section.  Karen E. Klein tells me that she’s been getting confused with Karin Klein for the last 25 years.  It was really fun when the two of them worked in the same office as Gary Klein.

Even though I don’t know my Karin Klein from my Karen E. Klein, what I said in the original version of this post still stands:  San Gabriel Valley-ites, You may not realize it but we have a writer/editor/expert power couple living in our midst. Karen is an established expert on small business finance and retirement. She is also married to Steve Scauzillobackbone of the Pasadena Star News. Say what you will about the incredible shrinking local paper—I like local news is important. And I appreciated this recent editorial about California’s Department of Fish and Game as well.

Well, thanks to Firefox crashing twice (10 open tabs is a challenge), this has taken an hour. Buh-bye!  UPDATE: And thanks to my inability to focus properly before 9 am, an extra half hour was required to fix my foog.  I mean goof.

Thank you, patient reader.


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

9 thoughts on “Blogging a tweet

  1. That is a humorous and interesting article in the LA Times, and Karen E. Klein is a talented writer, BUT the article in the times was written by KARIN Klein, not our Karen.

    You are right, though, about Karen and Steve being a SGV “power couple.”

  2. LCD is new to me. Your blog is so educational.

    I myself am fooging my head off working on a million things. One thing is to scan food every day. Today I slapped some Italian sausages down on the glass and the cat snatched and dragged them to her poopy lair under the bed. I hate her. I don’t have anything left to scan save a couple of martini olives and some watercress with roots and soil hanging off them like dingly clagnuts.I’m clapped out.

    You edited out that thing about what you were working on, and it sounded interesting. You didn’t like it, huh? Building capacity survey banana vodka sandwich evaluation. Oh, for the love of… (thud)

  3. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Kelly! Very nice of you, although Steve and I hardly feel (or act) like a “power couple.” 🙂

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