Los Angeles

aka: El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles



Photos by Tim Down.

Oh, the skies we’ve been having these last few weeks. Makes for a happy Scout.


8 Responses to “Los Angeles”

  1. Michael Weller Says:

    Which bridge is that?

    I thought it was the First Street bridge, the bridge that launched my love affair with Los Angeles some years ago (if bridges can launch, that is), but wouldn’t it be all torn up by the Gold Line construction?

    Or is it an older photo?

  2. Petrea Says:

    Wish I could enlarge these! They’re cool. That Tim Down has got it goin’ awn.

  3. Ann Erdman Says:

    Time for L.A. to underground those utilities!

  4. Kathy H. Says:

    Gorgeous!! I did a website for a skid row non-profit, and it was hard to find photos from this perspective.

  5. Cafe Observer Says:

    Thii is The City: once bright, colorful & full of life. Now, left overhanging is an ominous, dark remnant decades later.
    Hope for the future? Well, let’s begin with a check of the city budget.

  6. West Coast Grrlie Blather Says:

    @Michael Weller – It’s the Spring Street bridge.

  7. Pasadena Adjacent Says:

    Did the scout use a special lens for this? is it digital or film?

  8. Michael Weller Says:

    @WCGB – Thanks! I should’ve known that–I taught and played soccer below that bridge for about a year!

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