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Emotional Fortitude

I have some, but I need more.

I’m looking to She-Ra, Princess of Power for inspiration.


Like She-Ra, it is my destiny to join the Great Rebellion and fight against the Horde.

Like She-Ra, I need my sword to do my work. The one with the jewel in the hilt.

Unlike She-Ra, I don’t have superhuman strength or speed. I am not “highly resistant to damage” nor can I “speak with animals telepathically.”

What is the role of the individual in history?  Am I more than the sum of the roles I play in life?  Can I be the hero of my own story?


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

7 thoughts on “Emotional Fortitude

  1. She is a good goddess to have, but I say define yourself as your own superhero. However, always have a box of tissues, a hot bath and a trashy novel standing by as back-up. It’s good to just be a needy girl sometimes (with apologies to Gloria Steinem!).

  2. What is the role of the individual in history? It depends on if you are looking at micro or the macro level. The French prefer the long duree, so in that case most of us are just nameless fish. American historians like to look at the short run, perhaps because our history is shorter and perhaps because we are stupidly optimistic at times. I say, don’t worry about history. In fact, don’t worry. Stay in the present. The present is all there ever is.

  3. To finish Margaret’s last thought: “…be Happy!”

    It is true you humans can not speak to us animals telepathically. In fact, some of you can’t speak at all. That’s why we sometimes give you that quizzical look, turn our head from side to side, and try hard with our eyes & all senses to make sense of the nonsense the human is struggling with. E.g., just look at one humanoid – Petrea above, “I’m trying to respond!”

    The role of the individual is to be the ultimate servant of the K9.

  4. We create superheroes. They’re imaginary, like gods. We are not imaginary. We aren’t expected to act like them, but we keep them in our minds as examples of what to strive for.

    I used to want to be brilliant and go down in history. For a while that desire drove me in directions that weren’t true to my real self. I’m glad I got past it. It would be nice to be great, it really would. But finally it’s more important to me to be happy.

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