Rose Parade 2009: Part One

At Del Mar and Orange Grove, I watched the last couple of marching bands assemble. Here is the City of Los Angeles band stretching in preparation for their march down Colorado.







Live music. I love it.

Parade floats in their natural habitat:


As this float went by, someone yelled something Not Nice about Sarah Palin. It wasn’t me. I swear it!






Oh my gosh! It’s Bob from Sesame Street!


If you’ve ever been to the parade in person, you know that after parade corner, there can be ‘pauses’ in the parade—it stops and starts again. Thanks to a slowdown, I heard both Sing a Song and The Rainbow Connection. My other favorite Sesame Streets songs are Ladybugs Picnic, Six Soccer Socks, and that perennial song-and-dance favorite, Hola. What are yours?

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7 Responses to “Rose Parade 2009: Part One”

  1. Susan C Says:

    My favorite is James Taylor singing Jelly Man Kelly.

    Great pics!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Oh! I love Jelly Man Kelly too! Sesame Street has so many great songs.

  3. Miss Havisham's Tea Party Says:

    One of these things is not like the other—one of these things doesn’t belong===can you guess which thing is not like the other before I finish my song?

    You had me at tuba. I love tubas.

  4. TheRealZajac Says:

    If you were at Orange Grove, why did I bump into you near Greenwood?

  5. altadenahiker Says:

    It’s probably not SSt, but Conjunction Junction, what’s the function

  6. Kelly Says:

    @Miss H – Who doesn’t love a tuba? I almost called the photo of the one tuba player smiling “self-portrait with tuba player” because you can see me in the reflection (wearing my de rigeur Pasadena Bulldogs hoodie).

    @TRZ – Read Rose Parade 2008: Part 2. I bopped around.

    @AH – I think that’s from The Electric Company. But I’ll allow it.

  7. barbra Says:

    Wow! I would have been across the street from you if I had not been in SNOWY Portland, Oregon this holiday break! We have an open invitation to join a group of friends at Del Mar & Orange Grove (west side) every year!

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