After Christmas Sale on Birds

Dead ones, that is. My local Food 4 Less (at Lake Avenue and Washington Blvd in Pasadena) has both Zacky and “minimally processed” Butterball turkeys for $5.00 per bird. They’re about 12-14 pounds each.

I go into Food 4 Less once or twice a year.

You’re welcome.

9 Responses to “After Christmas Sale on Birds”

  1. altadenahiker Says:

    Shoot, really? I can cook that. I’m there.

  2. Petrea Says:

    AH, are you sure? Is it safe?

  3. Petrea Says:

    I’m sorry, that wasn’t fair. I would eat it.

  4. Mister Earl Says:

    What would I do with a dead turkey?

  5. Margaret Says:

    Few things are more satisfying that finding a good deal and then sharing the news. Happy New Year.

  6. Pasadena Adjacent Says:

    Food 4 Less and Ralphs are connected and owned by Kroger. I remember before it was known as Food 4 Less it was Mega Ralphs (the first one showed up in East LA). Wasn’t there some Latino version that showed up briefly in the 90’s? Anyhow, they would put them in poorer hoods and sent all the bad produce over that wouldn’t sell at the better Ralphs. Just my recollection of “Markets Past” Just read the fine print to make sure it’s not “Cajun” style.
    Thanks K. I have one down on Figuroa.

  7. altadenahiker Says:

    I brought it on myself Petrea. I can take it; they did.

  8. Susan Kitchens Says:

    Doc M got the last one. We’re trying it butterflied high roast. Brined it last night, it’s drying out. Stuffing is lazily being put together tonight. I think we’ll get around to the actual cooking tomorrow night. So, tho you’ve already had leftover turkey ONCE this holiday seazon, you’re invited to have more sometime soon. (longer trek required, tho)

  9. Kelly Says:

    @Susan K – I’m curious to see (taste) how it turns out. I’m in!

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