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Welcome Home!

After my last post, sommayous might’ve thought I’d still be in Oregon. But I’m home! Here’s proof:


Hmm. Looks quite a bit like this from my June 2008 post, wouldn’t you say?


Dyslexia?  These two walls are opposite each other on Montana St. just east of Lincoln Avenue. Quite near my house. Why I persist in posting these photos and thereby keeping my property value low, I’ll never know.


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

11 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

  1. Be it ever so graf-scrawled*, there’s no place like home.

    And to reiterate what I said elsewhere, I wish that my words were a spa. Can verbs change into warm bubbly water? Or adjectives into aromatherapeutic smells? Or prepositions into the hands of a masseuse, soothing aching muscles and dissipating knotted muscles? Can nouns transform themselves into soothing background music and trickling fountain sounds? If so, I would write you a spa, a full day at the spa, or a set of days from now till year’s end, to help restore and bring equilibrium.

    *two syllable adjectives that have hints of the word graffiti are hard to come by. If any other reader has a better suggestion, twould be welcome.

  2. Actually that looks like North Carolina or Paris, France. Really.

    Welcome back!
    I’ll bring you up to date with some of the going’s on while you were off: 1.BO was elected President, 2. Pasadena annexed South Pasa in a midnite bloodless coup, & 3. PA actually updated her Palm Axis blog, 4. and AP went back to his 1st love-the city of brotherly love. Otherwise, not much has changed.

  3. Graffiti is everywhere. Some of it is interlaced with some quality urban art, unforuntately too much is just like this…gangs marking off territory.

    Whomever NSPx3 is, they are prolific as they scrawl over MNV and DESG over in my corner of LA. That worries me as it indicates gangs dueling for territory. I don’t want to see an erruption of gang warfare like we had in January ever again.

    Welcome home.

  4. Welcome home! I hope it’s just NSPx3’s way of saying he missed you and he’s glad you’re back.

    Can you give yourself a home spa day? Candles and time in the tub. TV, tea and chocolate. Boil a pot of water on the stove and steam your face (my sister used to do that in college, I think it was supposed to be a beauty treatment…). Or a book! Though Susan has written you such a lovely spa already.

  5. The graffiti has been removed. Neighbors and residents can help frustrate the vandals by promptly reporting graffiti to our hotline @ (626) 744- 7622. We also have a crew member that works a Saturday shift.. Thank You… Rudy Sanchez
    City of Pasadena
    Graffiti Abatement Supervisor

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