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Potpourri 2

Links of interest:

The Anchorage Daily News endorses Obama for president.

Here in California, there’s a proposition on the ballot that would amend California’s constitution to make same-sex marriage illegal. There was a Yes on 8 rally in Camarillo, CA yesterday. You can read about it (beautifully written by a No on 8 supporter) right here.

If you haven’t seen the Shiba Inu Puppy cam, you’ve been missing quite a show. Take it from me…watching these puppies is entertaining and therapeutic.

My thanks to all who have offered kind words and support. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve been moved to tears by your comments, e-mails and calls. The Scout is hanging in there. Me too. My mother is the same (read: manic, paranoid).

Finally, a theme for Monday: Terrorism, Vaginas, and the Blank Page Before You

“And remember—the world is full of both the terrifying and the absurd, in nearly equal measure…”