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Happy Birthday to The Scout:

The Scout is still in Arkansas with all his sibs (five kids total in Scout’s family). Today they are discussing future plans with The Scout’s mom, Meg. A guy who is a specialist in later-in-life issues will be there to facilitate (happens to be a pastor in the church The Scout’s parents attend).

Meg has some short-term memory loss. The Scout’s dad handled all the finances and did all the driving. The house is in a beautiful place, overlooking a lake, ten miles from everything. So there’s lots to talk about.


Update on my Mom: She’s still in the hospital, getting better slowly. Trying to get the meds right is tricky.


Matt Carmichael is going back to Iraq. Here’s Matt and Grace (both friends from high school). Matt is a helicopter pilot. He’s been in the military for 31 years.

Take care of yourself, Matt.


Got an e-mail this morning. It contained a long list of terrorist acts perpetrated by Muslim extremists. Then at the end it said:  Continue reading “Potpourri”