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Many G’s Left Behind

Image via LA Progressive: Sarah Palin’s Feminine Wiles Fall Short

Palin on Darfur – the real story.

Keepin’ it simple today: McCain Palin Rally vs Obama Biden Rally in Anchorage: The Blow by Blow

“…I heard there were a few flakes today. I miss that weather. It’s been so amazeen travelin’ across this great country and meetin’ people, and even Alaskans down here also as we travel across the country also meetin’ people…


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10 thoughts on “Many G’s Left Behind

  1. What disappoints me so severely is people I know who actually get their “news” from Fox. They will never hear any of this and if they did, they wouldn’t believe it.

  2. As a not-so-gracefully aging woman, Sarah’s cute-lil-bunny act squeems me even more than the average person, because I can see my own pathetic attempts to be cute in her. Now I am SO self-conscious about wrinkling my nose and winking. Eeeeh.

  3. I don’t think it’s about age and cuteness, I think it’s about appropriateness. I wouldn’t speak to my boss this way, or to a class of students, for example. I guess the world has expectations of how world leaders or politicians are expected to behave.

    If she was cute, but had substance, I bet she could get away with it. But if a politician or world leader – male or female, young or old, attractive or not – were trying to hide a lack of substance behind cuteness, that is a huge no-no for me.

    I feel like I’m being patronised, and taken for a fool.

    Fox News — I regularly switch between CNN and Fox when keeping my eye on the US political game. It’s always entertaining to see what spin Fox is putting onto the latest issue. Fox News reporters must either be very deluded, aliens, or have sold their soul to the devil. Surely they must KNOW what it is they are spouting. Right? Right…?

    P.S. Grrl, I have finally been interviewed for Neil’s Great Interview Experiment. The pressure’s on you now.

  4. Totally off topic (and really who couldn’t use a break from all the election hoohah?)…

    Ok first Foothill Cities went down. Then I went to visit Aaron’s site and it’s empty. I step away for a bit and mad change blows through. Do you have any skinny on this?

  5. Regarding Fox “News”: Rupert Murdoch owns it. It is in his interests to slant the news his way. Read about it here, and of course you can Google more info:

    Regarding Aaron and FC: Wha? Tableau, that’s tres interessant. I haven’t been around there lately. Wonder what’s up. Somebody get too obscene? Nah, this is the web.

  6. Viva Tableau!
    I’m not sure what’s going on with de FC or mayor proctor. He said his blog posts were causing him problems. His last post said he was giving up blogging. If true, I may have been the last person to leave a comment on his blog.
    The PasaWeekly took away his 5 Q’s column.

    If his blog posts were still up you could read a more complete reason why the lights are off at his blog.

    When I ck out some other blogs, many are inactive or rarely post. Blogging should be a part of your routine.

  7. Thanks Petrea and Cafe.

    Blogging can be a rough sport, especially if you get a lot of the public eye.

    And speaking of falling off the radar – family issues prevent my own regularity with the bloggingz. I’ll be back. But when things are more kosher amongst the brethren. There’s just no time.

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