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Post Veep Debate

Sarah Palin needs to pin down which pronunciation of nuclear she is going to use. Newk-u-lar or newk-cle-er? I think she used both.

Sarah Palin CAN cram verbiage into her head after all. There was so much in there she had to say that she told moderator Gwen Ifill that she wouldn’t necessarily answer her questions.

“And I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record also.”

Sarah is the new kid in town, and new to presidential politics too. Via Huff Po:

Ifill: “As Vice President, there’s nothing you’ve promised as a candidate that you would take off the table because of this financial issue?”

Palin: “There is not, and how long have I been at this? Like five weeks?”

Michael Carey of the Anchorage Daily News says Sarah Palin is losing friends in Alaska.

via Pa Kettle on Twitter: Palin’s tax returns are finally released. Made more money in 2007, but donated less to charity.


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4 thoughts on “Post Veep Debate

  1. When I first started reading your blog because of Neil’s Great Interview Experiment (which you STILL haven’t replied to, you bad grrrrl), I didn’t know where Pasadena was, and what your blog was on about.

    But! I have been swept up in the US elections like almost everyone else here in Sydney, Australia, and I’m relieved to see we feel the same way about Sarah Palin. My favourite clip so far is the one of Cafferty being visibly disgusted on air in response to Palin’s CBS interview. And Matt Damon speaking openly about Palin. If Americans aren’t terrified, I am.

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