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Sarah Palin Reads ‘Em All

I’ve been wondering what Sarah Palin reads (newspapers, magazines) for weeks.

Here’s the answer. “I have a vast variety of sources,” she says. Not only does she read them all, but Alaska is a microcosm of the whole United States!  (via Cajun Boy)

Update:  The Anchorage Daily News reviews Palin’s apparent flip-flop on Troopergate.

Update 2:  Slate brings us The Poetry of Sarah Palin

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Mother’s Mania

I have spent quite a bit of time in the mental health units of a couple of Oregon hospitals. Not as a patient, mind you, and not as an employee either. I like to call it ‘patient advocate.’ My mother is 73 years old and is bipolar. She has been in the hospital multiple times, with the frequency increasing during the past decade or so. My brother and I are the chief witnesses to these events. Continue reading “Mother’s Mania”