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Church of the Angels: Photo Shoot

Pasadena is well-known in Southern California, in the Western United States, throughout the world (!) as having several architecturally significant structures.  We love this, of course, as it feeds into our sense of living in the center of the universe.  (We best be careful about letting this boast get east of the Mississippi.  I’m sure there are New Yorkers who would gladly layeth the smackdown on our presumption.  Here’s how it would go:  They would tout their superior architecture and arts scene, and then we would burn them with our mighty sun.  But I digress.)

So yesterday pastor and gospel singer Donnie McClurkin was at Church of the Angels shooting photos for his new album.  (Previous posts about the church here, here and here.)  In addition to using the church, the able staff of photographer Andrew MacPherson set up a white background in the parish hall.  Meet Dustin, who organizes all the images (yesterday’s crop: about 1,500).

While Andrew was working hard “that’s good, that’s great, amazing!”  –  I sneaked in a few shots of Donnie from the back . . .

No, there’s no hidden Donnie in the photo above.  I just included it because I like it.  More reflection shots:

Andrew MacPherson was kind enough to let me take his photo while he was working.  Being a student of The Scout’s school of natural lighting, I couldn’t bring myself to use my flash.  Hence, a fuzzy Andrew.  Mind you, Mr. MacPherson works very hard and moves non-stop:

Then I grabbed one of Andrew outside with ye olde camera phone.  You can see Cheryl (left) and Jackie (right) in the background.  They work for Sony/BMG and flew in from NY for the shoot.  I had fun chatting with them.

Having spent years with The Scout, I understand things from the photographer’s point of view.  Light is paramount.  Keeping the subject (the talent) engaged, energized and happy is key.  Toward the end of the day (when the light in the church is absolutely wonderful), Donnie got tired.  He ended up flat out on the grass (another camera phone shot – so washed out!).

Most of the time, I work alone, so it is interesting to me to see a group of people working closely together on a project.  In this case, one person (yes, just ONE PERSON) was late to the shoot yesterday morning (one hour and forty-five minutes late).  It threw the entire schedule for the day off course.  We were supposed to leave at 5 pm.  The last person (Dustin) finally left a hair before 7 pm.

My very best wishes to Donnie and all who were involved with the shoot.  Other than the schedule slip, it was a great day.

photo courtesy of Sony/BMG

UPDATE:  Well, it lasted two whole hours.  My first blog post in the month of September that did not mention Sarah Palin lasted two whole hours.  Then I found this (via Cajun Boy):


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