Hockey Dads for Obama

Via Karion, who just got a job with the Obama campaign:

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6 Responses to “Hockey Dads for Obama”

  1. Susan C Says:

    My crush on Tim Robbins has just been elevated to true love.

  2. Pasadena Closet Conservative Says:

    Unoriginal, but cute.

  3. Petrea Says:

    He’s still hot and gets hotter every day.

  4. The Proc Says:

    I hate all these “blah blah blah for blah blah blah”

    “Boring Introverts For Obama”

    “NASCAR Deadbeat Dads For McCain”


  5. Miss Havisham Says:

    I was feeling a little down so I had to come back here to gawk at the man. I just want to Shawshank and redeem him.

  6. Sofia N. Says:

    I love him so much!!

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