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Sarah Palin Links

Silly moi – after finding the photos of great interest at this Cajun Boy tumblr site, I didn’t read his blog for a couple of weeks.  Silly, silly moi.  Check out Your Sarah Palin Fake Baby Update.

Also via Cajun Boy – Radar on Line unwraps the story behind the Washington Post, which quoted a 5-month old baby (mistakenly—duh) who “saw” Sarah Palin at Mat Su Regional Medical Center.

Meet Karion – who along with Cajun Boy was on the Palin fake pregnancy story from the very beginning (basically over Labor Day weekend).  Karion’s piece on the Washington Post weirdness mentioned above is here.  Don’t miss “All These Things That I’ve Done” in which Karion talks about…

“…how we got sucked down the Palin rabbit hole over Labor Day weekend. While we were ferreting out the babygate scandal (about which I still have strong, strong suspicions and you wouldn’t believe what we haven’t published), we kept encountering details about other bizarre irregularities. Interestingly, a great deal of those original links have completely vanished, but there are still sources of information out there that haven’t been touched by the mainstream media. And this information bears heavily on Palin’s competence as a potential second in command.”

You may have heard about Levi Johnston’s MySpace page (now gone) in which he boasted of being a redneck.  Here’s a photo posted by Cajun Boy (presented without comment, via HuffPo):

More from Cajun Boy:

Anchorage Daily News columnist Michael Carey on the Sarah Palin did she or did she not have that baby rumors

Yesterday Anchorage Daily News columnist Michael Carey gave an interview at the Republican convention to Ray Suarez of PBS. Suarez asked him about the announcement on Monday that Bristol Palin was pregnant. This is a transcript of that portion of the interview…RAY SUAREZ: Let’s talk a little bit about Bristol Palin, since that has really exploded onto the news, the news that Sarah Palin’s daughter is several months pregnant with a fellow she met in her town. What can you tell us about the reaction in Alaska to that news?

MICHAEL CAREY: Well, I’m not there; I’m here. And I have not — I’ll give you an example of how this took people by surprise. On Friday, I went into work and started working on this particular story about the — about Palin becoming vice president. But in the middle of the afternoon, the editor, Pat Doherty, said, would you like to go to Minneapolis? I said, yes. That’s about what I knew at that point and none of us knew that Bristol Palin was pregnant. We didn’t know anything.

I mean, I think there have been in the daily news and some other reporting sort of the thought that, oh, yeah, this was common knowledge among certain people in Wasilla. People have said that, that being the governor’s hometown. But I don’t think that — in a newsroom, as interested and gossip and good stories as ours, I did not hear this. I heard the other story, which is the fake pregnancy story. And maybe you want to go on to that at some point.

RAY SUAREZ: Well, that —

MICHAEL CAREY: The other part of the soap opera.

RAY SUAREZ: Well, that seems to have been what smoked out the Bristol Palin story, the attempt to put the first story to rest that came. Tell us more about the first one, which I guess was highlighted on the Daily Kos website.

MICHAEL CAREY: Yeah, that’s been — that story has been around for quite a while. I first heard it when a lawyer who I like very much and is a very smart guy presented this to me as the absolute truth.

RAY SUAREZ: That is, that Governor Palin was not pregnant?

MICHAEL CAREY: No, and that the whole thing was faked because she was covering up for her daughter who was pregnant. And the daughter was having the child and Sarah claimed it was her child and faked the pregnancy so as not to embarrass the daughter and not to create I guess political backlash for some kind of conservative values concern.

This pregnancy story is now sort of up against the numbers of her real pregnancy, how she could have two pregnancies in X number of months is not answered.

Read the full interview here…
Michael Carey on Sarah Palin

I believe it is important to tell the truth. I have difficulty believing that Sarah Palin is telling us the truth about Trig. She’s having other truth telling problems related to her family, too. Did she ask the girls to vote (via Andrew Sullivan) on her candidacy (like she told Hannity) or didn’t she?

It’s all a distraction, you say! Quit talking about Sarah Palin and talk about the issues! Here’s the deal: the actuarial tables for McCain aren’t looking good. Sarah Palin could be president. I need assurance that she has the capacity to tell me the truth.  At this point, I don’t think that she does.


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