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No, I’m Not Done Questioning Palin

We can discuss Sarah Palin’s ability (or lack thereof) to carry a position of national leadership based on the issues (i.e., the economy, foreign policy, employment, health care).  But that is not this blog’s metiér.

I’m still not buying Palin’s ‘leaking amniotic fluid‘ but waited to go to Mat Su Regional Medical Center line, and neither is Andrew Sullivan.  More Sullivan goodness here (via Cajun Boy).

Sarah Palin in March 2008 – Can’t find specific date, but she’s ostensibly 7 months pregnant during this clip. Palin talks about Title IX (doesn’t this seem a rather un-Republican piece of legislation?), gender and age discrimination, and says she has “a bunch of kids” but does not mention that she is pregnant.  She also sits with her legs crossed and leans forward quite a bit—something most women 7 months pregnant would have difficulty doing—but that’s speculation.  And this is a blog.  Get over it. After it was announced that Palin would be McCain’s running mate, the interviewer says Palin called her after the interview to say that she was pregnant but that she wanted to announce it in Alaska.

Via Mudflats: article entitled “The Pastor Who Clashed With Palin” by David Talbot.  Mudflats original post Palin’s Revelations. Repent!  The End is Near – ouch.

For those who need an emotional lift: The ‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ rally is huge! Watch the video.

For those who need a laugh: The Sarah Palin Name Generator – what your name would be if Sarah were your mother.  I am Rust Mustang (all three of my first names) or HA HA! Loin Falcon (my first two names without putting in my second middle name which is ‘Christian’).


The Scout was working in Valley of Fire last week on a car commercial.  Coupla photos:


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

8 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Done Questioning Palin

  1. I didn’t have a huge belly when I was 7 months pregnant. I still wore regular clothes, although one size larger than usual. I’m not a conservative, but I have to say you’re coming off as a nutty conspiracy theorist. I think you have too much time on your hands.

  2. anonymous prolly hadn’t shoved a half dozen kids through either when she was 7 mos pregnant. My wife showed faster with each pregnancy and certainly got bigger with each (belly folks not other weight gain). Even with our first she couldn’t sit and lean forward by the last trimester.

    Anyway..wcgb…this link should at least make you laugh.

  3. @anonymous – It’s just that I have a problem when it comes to lying (or is this just a case of bad judgment?). Sarah Palin says she knew she was going to have a high risk baby, but still went back to Alaska even though she was leaking amniotic fluid. Either she’s lying (she wasn’t leaking amniotic fluid) or she’s crazy (she’s leaking amniotic fluid and she flies from Texas to Alaska via Seattle anyway). Leaking amniotic fluid is the slow version of having your water break. It means the baby is going to be born within the next 24 hours (because if you don’t deliver it, you’re getting a C-section – that’s how this situation is treated).

    She knew she was going to have a high-risk baby, but she did not go to the hospital in Anchorage with the neo-natal intensive care unit. She went to a smaller, regional medical center to have Trig. If you go to the Mat Su regional medical center web site, you can see the first names of the babies that were born there. References to Trig have been removed.

    You commented from a computer at City Hall. Are you on the clock or off?

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