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Mudflats on Sarah Palin and The Donnie Darko Connection

It came to me in a flash this morning:  Sarah Palin is channeling Kitty Farmer from the film Donnie Darko (played by Beth Grant).  (Thanks to Richard Kelly, the film’s director, for the photos below.)  Just add glasses…

From IMDB:
Kitty Farmer: [giving a pep talk to girls about to go on stage] OK ? now, girls. I want you to concentrate. Failure is not an option. And Bethany? If you feel the need to vomit up there, just swallow it.

Rose Darko (Donnie’s Mom): Do you even know who Graham Greene is?
Kitty Farmer: I think we’ve all seen Bonanza.

I’m a big fan of Donnie Darko (link to trailer)—you too?

Seeing as I haven’t purchased a National Enquirer yet and scoured the Palin article for juicy Sarah tidbits, I must direct you over to Mudflats: Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaska Politics.

Is Mudflats “Just Another WordPress Blog”?   Absolutely not: It has great depth and breadth of political discussion about Alaska politics. Do read the comments as well. There are comments about Sarah Palin everywhere, even on the “About Mudflats” page.  (NB: Mudflats is a blogger, so don’t bother leaving me comments about how the writing is very much from a certain POV.)

Here are a few choice items for you from Mudflats:

Let’s go straight to the beefy entree, shall we? Palin vetting documents from 2006.  For hardcore Palin addicts only.

Palin “gets along to go along” when she joins the Republican party:  Palin — Republican Party Infiltrator? The salient part of this video from a meeting of the Alaska Independence Party begins at 6:10.

Mudflats Award for Bravery Goes to Wasilla Democrats

Newsweek Sinks Its Teeth Into Troopergate

A letter from Wasilla resident Anne Kilkenny goes nationwide.

Money for Nothing in the Palin Administration – a foretaste of financial shenanigans to come?

Finally, today’s entry: Sarah Palin’s Lawyer is at it Again.


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6 thoughts on “Mudflats on Sarah Palin and The Donnie Darko Connection

  1. Darko fan here!

    There is so much to read on this post. Then, one must cogitate and ruminate. Then, read more.

    Don’t feel so responsible for Mary’s booze habit. She was drinkin’ when we scooped her out from under the Holly St. Bridge years ago. Of course, she blames everybody and everything on her drinking. Typical!

  2. What you really mean is that she’s a conservative woman trying to break the glass ceiling and therefore must be destroyed, right? That ceiling may only be shattered by a Lib female, right? The gender bigotry associated with all this Sarah bashing is astounding.

  3. My computer screen is slowly blinding me. One day the digital whiz kids will turn web text into an auditory choice. Till then, I still like your dad, I’ll be blogging about my mom the 18th and I just selected and moved Donnie Darko to the top of my que. God Bless America!

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