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Sarah Palin

John McCain picks Sarah Palin for the veep spot. Sarah who??? WTF???

Some links (with thanks to Viva La Feminsta via Twitter):

The Wikipedia article is here.

NPR on Palin. And here (audio).

Sarah Palin wants oil not polar bears; sues Bush administration.

The Bilerico Project on Sarah Palin: attempt to roll back the rights of same-sex partners in Alaska.

From an independent in Alaska, Andrew Halcro: “This shocking choice says more about McCain’s desparation (sic) than it does about Palin’s qualifications.” Read more here. Check out those comments!

NARAL responds to Palin.

What Andrew Sullivan has to say.

There’s more to Palin than meets the eye, says Aliza Sherman. She links to Palin’s bio on Amazon.

Palin dissed veep job” – Politico.

2020 Hindsight says check-out this HuffPo post: Chris Kelly: Governor Sarah Palin has what it takes to be the next Dick Cheney

The WSJ gets down to business: What Palin eats, how she stays fit

NOW on Palin: article here.

Sarah Palin is not a Mormon, says a Mormon.


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10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin

  1. It’s gonna be color vs. gender this yr.
    Let the best man/uh, woman, uh whatever, win!
    Whoever wins, it almost guarantees we’ll have either a Prez who is black or a Prez who is a lady sometime within the next 9yrs.
    A breath of fresh air!!

    Obama beat off one lady already, but can he handle a wild Alaskan woman?

    I think I heard Palin gave birth this yr to a Downs syndrome child. She better be as tough as she sounds.

  2. This seems to make sense, but if you ask me everyone in America should be worried about what is happening. The whole world should be more worried about it than any of this. I’m voting for Ron Paul, are you? That’s what I said on the forum but people don’t understand.

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