The trap is set up in the backyard, and Papa Cat is sitting next to it, ignoring the yummy dinner waiting inside.  The caterwaul you hear is from me.


6 Responses to “Caterwauling”

  1. Rattling the Kettle Says:

    Don’t you read my blog?


  2. AP Says:

    Setting cat traps.

    Stuff white people like.


  3. Mary Kathleen O'Looney Says:

    Trap them and take them over to the clinic in So. Pas and have’em fixed. It’s only 50 for females and 25 for males. Then, let them go. Who else are you going to get to keep the rats from making 911 calls from the garage phone?

  4. Pasadena Adjacent Says:

    That’s where my boy was nipped. He now stands guard at my ranchette-o (and no longer sprays).

  5. Mary Kathleen O'Looney Says:

    Okay, yeah. Pasadino spays and neuters for free but the critter has to be a year old before they’ll do it. My little kitten got knocked up at 9 mos. of age. So, there it is. These cats start early.

  6. Petrea Says:

    Oooh, we had that problem. We got a dog.

    I say Oooh a lot.

    They do say that once you have them fixed you should release them where you found them. Otherwise, new feral cats’ll just move in.

    You know, we should always do what They say.

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