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Help! I’m Becoming the Cat Lady!

Apparently the word is out that my little corner of Northwest Pasadena is the safe haven for feral cats. They’ve built a little home in our backyard. The Scout confessed to giving them milk. Then he went out of town, whereupon I became the Cat Lady.

Yes, I fed the feral momma. What has come over me? The Scout says the feral cats keep the rat population down. I’m fine with the two other cats who hang around the neighborhood already. I’m not pleased with the newcomers. These cats are not pets, and I doubt there are enough rats to go around.

Feral momma hisses at me. It makes me laugh every time. Okay, I’m reaching for the phone to call the Humane Society now. There’s a one-week wait list for traps.

Did I mention that I’m allergic to cats?