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Talkin’ Trash

On Tremont Street, the southern edge of the Pasadena Buddhist Church property.

Saw this yesterday, and I must say it turned my stomach. So if I call it in to Pasadena Public Works (I think that’s the right department), will the Buddhists get dinged for not cleaning it up themselves?  I’m remembering our Miss Havisham’s Trashadena post…

A pox on the idiots who did this!


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7 thoughts on “Talkin’ Trash

  1. Leave these buddhists alone. They’re too busy with spiritual things to waste their time with earthly matters like trash or waste.

    Buddhism, i believe, is originally an asian/indian religion so maybe back in their home countries trash cleanup wasn’t a high priority like here in green usa. I’m may be wrong but just wonderin. Sumone out there in the blogosphere would know better.

    That eyesore is probably just an oversight on their part…or is it a common occurence?

    Let us know when you get bak in the mood for rightin.

  2. The Pasadena Buddhist Church is made up primarily of Niseis (second-generation Japanese) and Sanseis (third-generation). They have been deeply assimilated for decades and are meticulous in all that they do. I believe they would be horrified to know of the trash. I will make a call.

  3. I just spoke with someone from the Pasadena Buddhist Church. She was unaware of the dumping on their property and was horrified to learn about it.

  4. This falls under the Environmental Health Division of Pasadena Public Health Department. Staff has spoken with Tak Kiriyama of Pasadena Buddhist Church and made some suggestions. The church will clean it up right away.

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