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Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Writing

A writer keeps writing even when she doesn’t feel like it. I don’t feel like it right now. Not one bitty iota. What is there to say?

How about some notes from the neighborhood—Fig trees are bearing fruit right now. They have a tendency to ripen all at once so if you have a healthy tree (like my neighbor does) you end up giving them away. Sharing is nice, isn’t it? (Kelly, cut the sarcasm. Keep writing.)

There are feral cats on my block. They like my dog-free back yard and routinely act as though they own the place. This year, for the first time in a long time, we have feral kittens as well. There are about five running around being their cute little selves. Check—make that four—found a dead one in my neighbor Steve’s front yard yesterday. Who do I call for pick up? The Pasadena Humane Society? Note to self: add call Humane Society to the ‘to do’ list. We in Northwest Pasadena have pride too…we don’t let dead kitties go unattended for more than 48 hours. (Some kind souls in the neighborhood are trying to catch the other ones.)

AP riled against the IRS today. The Scout and I never file our tax return on time (silly us, since we typically get a refund). So we’re buckling down to play with the numbers.

What do those numbers mean about us, about our choices, about how we live? Something? Anything? Nothing? Live simply so others may simply live – Is that oversimplified? Imagine if everyone in the world had Oprah’s carbon footprint. (The Scout was snoring last night so my brain is on random access mode.) It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Will Social Security run out of money? The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Is the flat tax a good idea? Money doesn’t grow on trees. How much money is enough? Money makes the world go ’round. I would like to hate money but it seems ridiculous to hate something that is essentially neutral.

I’ve heard that there was a tradition in the early and mid-twentieth century—new homeowners would plant two trees in their front yard. For some reason I think this is a California thing, but I can’t find anything about it on line (and I can’t take the time to look more now). I can see these two palms from my driveway. Do you know anything about the tradition? Feel free to share your money thoughts as well. You’re so money and you don’t even know it.”


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Writing

  1. K, file on time? You mean 4/15? If you gotta an extension you have until 10/15 so you’re ok. Most of our clients still think they gotta make 4/15. Funny to still see people at the post office @ midnite, covering up their faces, trying to get a postmark.
    But, refund: yeah you want to get that bak asap unless you guys may be so wealthy you’re traveling & may not really need it.
    My experience is most people overpay.
    I seem to feel like wiritng mostly when I dont have the time to write! ei

  2. Yes, CO, it’s the whole ‘time value of money’ thing. Why let the government have the money that belongs to me? I could invest it myself, blah blah blah – We do have an extension, but I want to get it over with!

  3. The tree thing is kind of universal. Back east my friends and relatives in MO when they get a new house they put in trees. I’m not sure where it started but its got something to do with your tree growing healthy like you and your family.

    In tornado country you planted the potentially big trees down wind from the normal storm approaches so it didn’t fall on your house. In snow country you planted it on the north side to break the winter winds, but far enough away so if it got loaded with ice or snow and it wanted to break it would not hit your house.

    I’m so glad we have palm trees. Other than the odd rat nest or fireworks season they tend to be pretty safe trees to have around.

  4. K, you want to know, “Why let the government have the money that belongs to me? ”
    Isn’t it obvious – bcuz the govment can spend your money better than you. They need it more than you, especially now they’d tell you. So, I recommend u vote for those who are more likely to make your paycheck smaller!
    I love it when you’re not in the writin mood.

  5. Free writing on the web. You’re a brave writer, and a good one. It’s lovely how you can unlock yourself by just writing the random stuff that comes to mind.

    I know how it feels to love to write and not want to write.

    I remember the days when, if I needed to look something up, I’d have to go to a library. Now I figure if it’s not on the web it must not exist.

    Your post has inspired me to shut down my browser and get to work.

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