I Love Baseball

I love baseball, and I love people who love baseball. When I was in St. Louis early this month, I went to the Cardinals v. Phillies game. In honor of AP, I rooted for the Phils. So did these guys:

Meet Dave Zavitz (good looking one) and Greg Weyent (old one). That’s Dave’s description (duh!). These guys flew from Philadelphia for the game. That’s dedication. They were rewarded with a 2-1 win. Rock on, Phillie fans. I will, however, be rooting for the Dodgers when you’re in town this week.

Our hotel in St. Louis was full of Cards fans…I would smile sweetly at them, flash my baseball seam bracelet,

and say, “We got Manny!” Can’t wait to see his new ‘do.  Will he or won’t he? Baseball is full of superstition, but must we invoke Samson and Delilah?

Yes.  That’s what makes baseball baseball.

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7 Responses to “I Love Baseball”

  1. AP Says:


    Oh and sorry I didn’t loan you the Utley jersey..next time?!?!?

    Pssst…picnic invites are coming out soon.

  2. AP Says:

    That guy is awesome in his old school Phillies gear!

  3. Cafe Observer Says:

    These Phllly guys flew in just to watch them play the Cards?? Well, I guess we know where women rank with these Philly fanatics.

    But, I can’t blame them too much since St Louis is a truly great baseball town.

  4. Mary Kathleen O'Looney Says:

    I love those two guys. Miss H would make her moves for sure. (SLut!)

    Right field is my best position. I can’t really throw–but I can catch and run pretty good.

  5. AP Says:

    I want to play baseball with Miss H.

  6. AP Says:

    Phillies fans are devoted..unlike certain fans of certain baseball teams who leave in the 7th inning, regardless if the team is winning or losing.

  7. Eddie "Banjo" Marks Says:

    Back in Shoulder blade we had to drive 90 miles to lexington to see a ball game. to make a long story longer, my pop would have a few kentucky brews on the way. Those were the days maam

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