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The Grrlie Stuff

Ah yes, there’s a reason for the name of this blog.  My upcoming high school reunion is the perfect time to primp myself out.

In lieu of going to the gym like a rational person would (and I really must, I must, I must), here’s what I did:

1. A facial with Kimberly Duncan, Skin Care Specialist, 1055 Foothill Blvd., La Canada.  818-790-1944.  She’s the magician who turns the brow into brows as well.

2. Hair at Starr House Salon.  Color by Andrea, cut by naughty boy Chris.  Karen (the receptionist) remembers my full name including the two middle initials like no other.

3. Facial for the back at Pho-Siam Thai (recommended by Chris).  This was a bit of a fluke as Chris told me that they do great deep tissue massage (ma’am, do you know you’re walking on my back?) for only $40 an hour.  The Scout loves this.  I went along to check the place out.  Who needs to read a book for an hour when you can get a back facial (I’m trying to coin the term ‘backal,’ but I don’t think it’ll stick).

4. Mani and pedi at De Lacey Beauty Shoppe.  

And then, the coup de grace.  Imagine standing outside 50 S. Delacey, talking to Pasadena Weekly writer Carl Kozlowski, and he invites you to his comedy gig at the Ice House that night.  You tell him you’re going away the next day, which is true.  You tell him you need to pack, which is true.  

The terrible truth that you can’t tell is is that you are getting a…

..spray-on tan.  Not just any spray-on tan, a Bronze BioLOGICAll Natural Cosmeceutical Spray On Tan (“We Have the Solution”). Yes, Jennifer McDermott (818-468-1986) ventured into the ‘hood to deliver the glow of good health to yours truly.  I’m not orange a la Dallas Raines—I swear it.  The airbrushed me has The Scout’s seal of approval.

Finally, this blog has lived up to its name!


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

7 thoughts on “The Grrlie Stuff

  1. “I Enjoy Being a Girl” from the musical “The Flower Drum Song” has great, old-time girly-girly lyrics, including: When I have a brand new hairdo/With my eyelashes all in curl,/I float as the clouds on air do,/I enjoy being a girl!

    Enjoy it, girl!

  2. It’s pure vanity, I know. I almost canceled it many times. Then I thought – what the hell. Now I’m just a slightly browner version of my whitey-white self. But it’s a huge disappointment to all my intellectual friends! Don’t worry, a spray-on tan is not a lead-in to having “work done.”

  3. I think it’s great. Meanwhile, I will run a hot bath and do an avocado mask in your honour. (honor)

    And, thanks to Ann, I can’t that friggen’ Nancy Kwan out of my head.

  4. I love this entry, and I love the one about your reunion even though I don’t know anyone.

    I feel like I’m betraying my intellect simply by getting a manicure, so I understand how you feel about the tan. I didn’t get one for my reunion last weekend, but I did get a pedicure, a big deal for me. I’m hoping Susan C. is right.

    And now, for Ann, Miss H., Susan, Kelly et al:
    “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright…”

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