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Pasadena Public Health Department Wants Your Input

Here’s one for all you locals: The Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD) is doing a “Alcohol & Drug Community Survey.” It has some interesting stuff on it, like ‘my community is good at handling changes’ (not sure what this question is getting at) and ‘parents in my community monitor their children’s behavior.’ There are a few open-ended questions that you get to answer freestyle, like “the biggest challenge facing youth in my community is…” and “the best thing about my community is…”

I defy anyone to take this survey without mentioning PUSD. I don’t think it can be done.

I don’t know what the PPHD will do with this data, but I hope they will make the results public. There’s a link to the survey on PPHD’s web site (scroll down and you’ll see it).

I’m just gonna tag a few folks to make sure the word about this survey gets out there (because my inner social scientist loves to gather data, even though I’m not involved with this PPHD effort): Mr. Brash N. Bratty, Sweetness Incarnate, Pasadena PIO (who probably knows about this already), yous guys, Dormitas, Mr. Econodena, Pasadena Bloggers’ Den Mother (we miss office hours!), Pa Kettle, and rockin’-it-with-the-point-and-shoot Petrea.


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7 thoughts on “Pasadena Public Health Department Wants Your Input

  1. 19. It is OK to buy illegal substances for minors.

    What? This is the only question so far that I can strongly disagree to. Heh!

    No. Actually, I strongly disagree with this: 3. I am aware of what the City of Pasadena Recovery Center does.

    I haven’t the faintest idea.

    And this: 9. I would attend a workshop on how to help my child refuse alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

    “Workshop” makes me cringe. I just hate that word when it’s referring to something other than arts and crafts.

    Okay, I am back on it. Later.

  2. Thanks for calling me “sweetness incarnate”–boy, is that ever overstated. Nice to hear, though.

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