Obon Festival 2008

Photos of the Obon Festival, Pasadena Buddhist Church

The drummer in the yagura.

All manner of mammal joins in the dancing.

You can carry your Chanel bag or wear your bluetooth while dancing.

These guys want to be your ‘Teddy Bear.’

Previously: Getting Ready for Obon

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5 Responses to “Obon Festival 2008”

  1. Miss Havisham Says:

    Hold it. Step out of the blog. I’m going to have to shut myself right down now…those are the greatest Elvi I’ve ever seen.

  2. Eddie "Banjo" Marks Says:

    Eddie Marks here. New in town. They call me “The Banjo”. Tip of my cowboy hat and a nice blog to you maam.

  3. Morning Linkfest: 9 Reasons to Drink Tequila | The Foothill Cities Blog Says:

    […] What Is Elvis Doing at the Buddhist Temple? Wha? (WCGB) […]

  4. Whit Says:

    The Flying Elvis, Utah chapter. Awesome.

  5. Jeannie T Says:

    Love this site. I hope I can link this to the Pasadena Buddhist Church Obon page. I didn’t want to do that without permission. Hope you were able to come and enjoy the wonderful food we have at Obon!

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