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Church of the Angels

To complement Petrea’s now-and-then look at Church of the Angels over at Pasadena Daily Photo, here are a couple from The Scout.

I have been attending Church of the Angels since 1987.

I’ve mentioned before how much I believe in the separation of church and stateI don’t like mentions of God during the pledge of allegiance, on money, or at the end of political speeches. I guess that’s just the stuff of your average lefty church-goer.

Not everyone at COA agrees with me. The parishioners at Angels have diverse political viewpoints, but that just makes coffee hour conversation very spicy.

One Sunday after church, a couple from the neighborhood walked into the empty sanctuary. “We just like to come here and feel the vibe,” the guy said. He’s right…it is a special place.


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7 thoughts on “Church of the Angels

  1. K, your church is beautiful. Looks in GREAT shape especially for being so old.
    “Separation of church & st”?: Ho,ho, ho! I don’t really believe anyone in politics believes in that. Politico’s will do or say whatever for their politico/financial advantage.

  2. I especially love the Scout’s shot from the back of the church including the glorious window. Such golden light!

    I’m with you on the separation of church and state. It’s one of the most important founding principles of American government. That, and those checks and balances we used to have. Those were cool.

  3. Wow, that is a gorgeous church building. I go to church in an industrial park…but it is still very dear to me. It, too, has a good vibe.

  4. That is indeed a gorgeous church. Reminds me of somethin’ back east.

    I was hoping for a WCGB illegal fireworks post. I am quite sure you had to deal with that this past weekend.

  5. Shalom. Lucky you, you get to worship in this lovely church all the time.
    I like the candles next to each pew, like in the pre-electricity days. (Or maybe these are electric too?)
    The churches of Jerusalem send the Church of Angels greetings.

  6. That is the way I feel about my church, Westminster Pres. Also like your church, we rely heavily on filming to keep ourselves afloat. Hooray for movie sets!

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