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Carts Astray

Loose carts from grocery stores. They aren’t a public safety issue or a health issue. They’re just an eyesore.

Dear Pasadena PIO: What’s the number to call for loose shopping carts?  UPDATE: The number is 626-744-8227.

Here are a few I saw in my neighborhood recently (all on the same day). This one is from Farm Fresh Ranch Market.

Vintage Vons.

This one’s from used-to-be-Farm-Fresh-now King Ranch Market.

Ben over at The Sky is Big in Pasadena has a photo of the distinctive 99 cent store cart, along with a good idea.


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7 thoughts on “Carts Astray

  1. Here’s the number, Grrlfriend: 744-8227. The moment I heard it I squealed with delight. Then I plugged it into my cell phone.

    It’s very simple: You see the cart, you call it in, you give the location. (As Ben reminded me, if you’re driving, pull over first or use your hands-free device.) They usually pick up within about 24 hours.

  2. Yes, you can leave details at 744-8227 to have a cart picked up within 24 hours. Chapter 9.62 of the Pasadena Municipal Code has been strengthened over the years, including a mandatory abandoned cart prevention plan for grocers.

  3. One thing I am proud of Glendale for doing is making the abandoned carts the responsibility of the store to which they belong. If a cart from Ralph’s is found Ralph’s gets fined and so on. So now thye all have the anti theft that locks up the wheels if they are taken out of the parking lot.

    The audacity of people to think they can just take the cart is still beyond my realm of understanding. They wouldn’t steal a product from the store would they? Or maybe they would. *sigh*

  4. Those carts are just examples of slaves trying to escape their corporate shackles and seek freedom among humanity. Once free they serve new purposes without the shackles now serving as mobile homes for the homeless, harvest transport devices for the hungry scavenger, even as the odd barbeque grill. Sadly not all escape to a new life free from their coporate master. What you call litter is simply their failed attempts.
    Kidding…I have done several series of pic essays on carts over the years and that was the story line I used.

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