Carrizo Plain

But first, let me serve you a Pimm’s Cup because The Fortnight starts today. Yes, Wimbledon.  The Big W, as Bud Collins calls it.  The championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. This is the second year that the AELTC will award equal prize money to women players. Good on ’em.

Was I crazy to get up at 4 am this morning to see the very first moment of ESPN2’s promised 100 hours of coverage? Yes indeedy. But when you’ve got Cliff Drysdale, Mary Carrillo (link to bio courtesy of Tennis Served Fresh), and consummate Raider fan Brad Gilbert on tap—well, sleep can wait.

The better to see you with, my dear. The TV that The Scout bought way back in 1991 died recently. Over the weekend, we considered getting a plasma tv. We settled on an LCD TV and brought it home. Those suckers give off a lot of heat—a decidedly undesirable quality, especially during this past weekend. The LCD went back to the store. We’re sticking with good old-fashioned CRT for now—found a nice one on Craigslist. We saved money. We recycled. Nice.

The Carrizo Plain National Monument, courtesy of The Scout.

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6 Responses to “Carrizo Plain”

  1. AP Says:

    You should be in one of my Public Service Announcements. I’ll tell you more at the pic-a-nic.

  2. Susan C Says:

    Ahhh, a Pimm’s cup with thin slices of English cuke and fresh mint sounds de-lovely.

  3. Suebob Says:

    I love the Carizzo Plain. I used to go ballooning out there in college. And Painted Rock is just magical. Go for the spring wildflowers…

  4. AP Says:

    Bogaard called Ann Erdman the “Queen of the Blogosphere”.

    I thought you and Miss H. were here first.

    And what about Larry Wilson?

  5. Charter Communications « West Coast Grrlie Blather Says:

    […] quality (which of course wasn’t HD since I never got it connected properly), and it had the previously mentioned heat generation issue common to all LCDs, and it smelled like burning plastic. We ended up buying […]

  6. A.S. Says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while searching for images of the Carrizo Plain. I don’t see any contact information, so am leaving this on your blog. But I love the photographs you have here and was wondering if I could use one of them on my own blog, with proper credit given and links to you, as I just posted a magical-realism essay about the Carizzo Plain (only my friends/family read my blog, so I can’t promise increased traffic to yours, unfortunately). I don’t believe in snagging images or material I find on the web and using them without permission. Please email me (you have my address from this comment). Cheers!

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