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Borrego Springs

I have to interrupt the Old Blighty series (Part 1, Part 2) to point out Christopher Reynolds’ outstanding article in today’s Los Angeles Times, A Bid to Make the Desert Boom (that’s the print edition title) May 19, 2008.

Developer Gregory Perlman has been buying up parcels of land and struggling resorts Borrego Valley, CA. He bought one of our favorite places, La Casa del Zorro. La Casa is the grand ole dame resort of the Borrego Valley. We have been fortunate to stay there while The Scout has been working.

Imagine our surprise when we visited La Casa del Zorro’s website this morning. We clicked on the tab marked “Location” and THERE IS A PICTURE OF ZABRISKIE POINT, which is in Death Valley. Also, if you’re on the “photos” page, go to “location” (over to the right) and you’ll see it again.

For reference: Here’s one of The Scout’s shots of Zabriskie Point, Death Valley (located approximately 360 miles from the Borrego Valley):

Perlman claims in the Times’ article to be “very, very particular” about details. Hmmm. Selling Borrego Valley by using a picture of Death Valley is a major mistake. Surely this false advertising is not intentional???

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