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Pasadena’s District 1 Meeting – Update

UPDATE 30 April 2008: Hop on over to Pasadena’s Political Underbelly for more on this. It’s unfortunate that the District 1 Community Meeting and the Northwest Commission Meeting are at the same exact time. Especially since the Northwest Commission meeting is soliciting community input (April 9, 6:30 pm, Jackie Robinson Center).

Re: the District 1 Meeting on May 8, 2008. I stand corrected—it is in Pasadena. It doesn’t even depend upon what you think “is” is. It is in Pasadena, because a piece of the north side of West Altadena Drive is technically in Pasadena. I’ve copied this straight from the comments on the previous post. City councilmember Jacque Robinson says:

Hi Kelly,

Sorry to see you won’t be making the meeting. In any event, just wanted to let you and your readers know that District 1, in fact, includes Altadena addresses and residents who are lucky enough to be able to vote in both Pasadena AND Altadena. District 1 runs along Arroyo straight through Windsor (where the Vista Laguna’s and Florecita’s run as well as about 1/2 of Altadena Dr.) Odyssey is actually in the District. As a general rule, anyone can go to and click on “District look up by address” on the right hand side and it will give you not only your City District, but Congress, Assembly, and all the other elected officials you’d like to contact for your address.

As a general practice, I am making it a practice to move the meetings around the District so everyone has an opportunity to participate, including my Altadena constituents.


So I did go to and

The address you entered:

Was not found. If it is a valid address, Please call the Los Angeles Registrar Recorder’s office at: (562)466-1323.

So I did. I’m on hold.

*Later* Pissed off talked to a couple of people there, and no luck. They couldn’t find 725 W. Altadena Drive in their system. Note to self: Do not move to 725 W. Altadena Drive. You won’t be able to vote.

Still, Jacque is correct. I’ve seen this map (click on the tab “About District 1”). Here’s the map that shows District 1 reaching into Altadena (north side of Altadena drive).

Re: the “move the meetings around the District” idea: IMHO, it’s better to pick a regular meeting place and time. If you are trying to build community, keep the conversation flowing, be accessible, etc. it is much better to say something like “first Wednesday of the month at the Jackie Robinson Center.” It’s easier for people to remember. If the meeting is going to move around, then a lot of work has to be done to get the message out. It’s do-able, but it’s more work on the part of the meeting planners.

So. The District 1 meeting will be, in fact, in District 1. Will the Northwest Commission meeting be happening at the same time?


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