Pasadena Bloggers Meet Up

Under the benevolent shade of the camphor tree, the bloggers met up in Sunnyslope Park. Said camphor tree was also dropping bits of its flowers into my carefully-crafted spinach dip, adding a ‘special organic’ quality to the dish. I was too busy being a person to be a blogger, so I didn’t snap a single photo. I got caught up talking to the husband of Pasadena Daily Photo and Palm Axis, so wasn’t able to talk to Frazgo as much as I wanted.

It was a pleasure to meet The Real Zajac and Caltechgirl and Tim from altadenablog and Mickie, reigning Doo Dah queen who wore her tiara and who blogs here and hereWe love royalty of any kind here in the Crown City.  We admire public displays of tiaras.

I enjoyed seeing Doug and Kathy and Jill and Gavin.  Jill has been blogging about blended families here and about All Things Wonderful and Domestic here.  So if you’ve been missing her, and her wonderful photography at Eye Level Pasadena, check out those other two blogs.  Jill is really the Blog Mama of Pasadena.  It was she who first compiled a list of the bloggers and she who convened the first two picnics.  Her office hours were great for tech help and just general hanging out.  Jill brought a loaf of her sourdough bread to the picnic and you’dve sworn Nancy Silverton made it.

Photo courtesy of Petrea at Pasadena Daily Photo.

Hanging out with local bloggers is on my short list of Really Fun Things To Do. A special thanks to Miss Havisham for organizing the event.

Caltechgirl provided this list (I’ve added a couple):
Miss Havisham
Aaron Proctor
Palm Axis
The Real Zajac
Pasadena Daily Photo
Eye Level Pasadena
LA Times Pressmens 20 year club
Up 2 Date – Pasadena’s Real Estate Blog
Mickie’s Zoo
West Coast Grrlie Blather


12 Responses to “Pasadena Bloggers Meet Up”

  1. AP Says:

    It was fun seeing you!!!!!

  2. Petrea Says:

    It was fabulous to meet you!

  3. Miss Havisham Says:

    A little tea and my gawd I can’t stop talking.

  4. And now back to our irregularly scheduled programming « Miss Havisham’s Tea Party Says:

    […] Blather has the rundown, down, down. […]

  5. Timothy Rutt Says:

    It was great to finally meet the grrlie!

  6. frazgo Says:

    I had a great time and wished I could have talked with you more too. Nice recap, of course now I have to come up with a completely different approach for a Metblogs post. I wish I could find a video of “sparks” “A fun bunch of guys” as a tie in but alas the ‘net isn’t cooperating with me today.

  7. Irina Netchaev Says:

    How sad I missed this picnic. Have wanted to meet other local bloggers for awhile now. Hopefully, I’ll be there next year. Great picture and it looks like all had fun!

  8. Doug Willis Says:

    These things are too much fun to do just once a year. Maybe we should double up and have semi annual events.

  9. frazgo Says:

    I’m in for twice a year

  10. Miss Havisham Says:

    We forgot to invite them!

  11. Jill Says:

    It was really fun to see you guys, too!

  12. Kathy Says:

    I vote for twice a year, too!! That park was a great location, so we could do it there in the future.

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