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Blogger Meet-Up

You Are Invited! It’s the ultimate shout out: Bloggers, readers, residents of the San Gabriel Valley and Parts Beyond. Anonymous people, both those with with noms de blog (Centinel, Publius, Dormitas and commenter Howey) and those sans noms de blog (anonymous and all the other anonymous ones). Readers, commenters, lurkers. People who are embarrassed they even read these silly blog thingys. You. I’m talking to you. Yes, you.

Join the Gathering of People Who Try To Find Meaning in Life Via Blogging Who Aren’t Jewish Because It’s Passover, Silly.

When: This Saturday, 19 April 2008

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (I’m arriving noonish.)

Place: Sunnyslope Park, Pasadena (Google it yerself. I’m outta here.)

* * * * *

Uh-oh. That was my hangover channeling my dad. In truth, we owe all to Miss Havisham. I just read the comments at her post, and there are three separate parts of Sunnyslope Park. The Real Zajac:

“Yes! Another fun meeting of Bloggers Anonymous!

Just so no one gets lost, there’s actually three separate parks crammed into this area: Eaton Sunnyslope, Gwinn, and Vina Vieja. Vina Vieja is the dog park to the south of Orange Grove and just to the east of the Eaton Canyon Wash. To the west of the wash are Gwinn Park (south side of Orange Grove) and Eaton Sunnyslope Park (north side of Orange Grove).

Which one are we going to be at?”

Not the dog park. It’s a potluck, and pooches will not be permitted to filch food. Based on Miss Havi’s description, we’ll be at Eaton Sunnyslope Park, on the north side of Orange Grove.