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Public Park Outsourced to Pasadena’s District 6

It’s been a quiet week in Pasadena’s District 1, my (adopted) hometown. No new graffiti to report. Nobody shot or stabbed to my knowledge. Some entity called the Northwest Education Center promises they are “Coming Soon” to the northeast corner of Lincoln and Montana. Anyone know anything about this? I don’t…

The weather’s gotten hot. My weed-filled yard has crisped right up, causing my bare feet to ouch-ouch-ouch as I retrieve my where-did-all-the-pages-go Pasadena Star-News. A related question: Where did all the news go?

Folks over in the Linda Vista area of District 6 are complaining that their kids will have a place to play kids who don’t look like their kids will show up and demand to play. Underbelly has it here. For some reason, the PSN doesn’t mention the Linda Vista/ Annandale Association’s perspective on the matter. For the record, they are pro-park.

I’m pro-park too, but I sure wish the new park were in an area of town with more population density. Yeah, I know…there’s no affordable land. That’s why this particular park is in an upper-income area of Pasadena at the site of a closed-down public school. Apparently the folks in Linda Vista not only eschew public school, they don’t even want the empty, unused space to be put to any good use.

Barney Melekian has gone with the K.I.S.S. principle and decided not to toss his hat into the Pasadena City Manager melee selection process. Smart Barney. The presidency of the California Police Chiefs Association sounds like a position of great influence, one in which he can use his expertise very effectively. I’m all for letting the experts hang out with those who can most benefit from their input. Besides, there’s that looming public safety problem over at that new park in Linda Vista.

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Took The Scout to see the new Chinese garden at the Huntington over the weekend. He had a bit of anticipation because the folks at the Huntington are film-friendly, and you just never know when you’ll need a location with Asian influence.

“It doesn’t rock my world,” The Scout said.

Why the disappointment? He doesn’t like the color of the paint they used. It is too Hershey-brown. It is shouty. The Scout would have chosen a brown like the one used on the planters (look closely).

It’s technical. It’s aesthetic. The Good Eye is what makes The Scout the ‘Motion Picture Location Specialist’ that he is.


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5 thoughts on “Public Park Outsourced to Pasadena’s District 6

  1. Hey Kelly!

    The closed school space is going to be used! A wonderful daycare is going there – the All Saints Children’s Center. They’ve been paying the lease since last July and the school is due to move on the site in August of this year.

  2. you have a weed-filled lawn, you consider it news that no one got shot, or stabbed and yet have the gall to complain LV’ers don’t want their neighborhood to look like yours?


    do some good in your neighborhood and gee whiz, maybe public works will notice your neighborhood in a GOOD way, like everyone else will.

    get some pride going on (gee, like the LV’ers have) and do a little on your end of things to improve things in your locale and give the city a REASON to notice your neighborhood for a good thing. rather than complaining that someone else in the city got something you wanted and they want their neighborhood to remain nice.

    and no, I’m not an LV’er. I know plenty of folks in ALL the districts.

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