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The Accident Gets Worse

You may have seen my post about how The Scout was in an auto accident.  He was in very heavy traffic eastbound on the 101.  He pulled into the number one lane in front of a car that was at a dead stop.  He used his directional signal.  (I have been nagging gently reminding him on this one for years…)

A motorcycle came up from the rear and hit The Scout’s trusty steed on the left rear tail light.  Though The Scout had looked in his rearview mirror, he never saw the motorcyclist.  The motorcyclist was doing that classic thing they do…drive in between the lanes.  All the passenger vehicles were going 3-5 mph and the motorcyclist estimated that he was doing 25-30 mph.

Is it legal for motorcycles to drive between lanes like that?  It must be, because we got the police report yesterday and they determined that the accident is The Scout’s fault.  They said he did an unsafe lane change, or more specifically that he wasn’t driving in a lane.

Actually, that’s what the motorcycle was doing—driving in between lanes.  So we’re over here scratching our heads and WTFing.  We’d always heard that if you get rear-ended, it’s the other guy’s fault.

If anyone has any recommendations on how to proceed (fight it?  crumble like a biscuit?) I’d appreciate the input.