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Charter’s on the Block

There are guys wearing hardhats climbing up the power poles across the street. They are Charter Communications sub-contractors. They are removing the cable that upstart Altrio put in. The guy tells me that the cable he is removing is more advanced than the cable he is leaving behind. Thanks, Charter. Nice to know how you’re using my/our money.

The guy I was talking to was pro-DirecTV. Gee, buddy, you’re working for someone who has a contract with Charter. Maybe talking up the competition isn’t such a good idea.

Anyway, back to DirecTV. They do have the Tennis Channel (which I would love to have), but I’m relying on the experience of those who have taken that path then turned back.


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4 thoughts on “Charter’s on the Block

  1. Direct or charter? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. I love that choice. I have had charter for 8 years and think they suck. The only reason I don’t go dish is that I think that they are hideous tumor on a home and when I ask if they can install it in the back, so it won’t be visible from the street, they reply we’ll see when we get there. No Thanks.

  2. DTV is not as bad as it was when I first wrote that complaint. They’ve upped their HD channels, for example, and they also gave me a free, no-strings-attached upgrade to the new HD DVR (which is a little wonky, but mostly OK). At this point, I’d say they are just as bad, but not worse, than any other alternative.

  3. I recently got Charter digital television. Man is their sports package a big waste of time. I don’t even get the Tennis Channel.

    I wish Champion was still around – but Charter bought them up really quick. They had cheaper rates.

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