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Good for Nothin’ 5

So the wall at the corner of Fair Oaks and Montana? The one that I couldn’t decipher? I called the graffiti hotline on this one on Saturday evening. Here’s what the wall looked like on Sunday evening:


You can just make out the original deposit on the right.

So my take-away message of the weekend is that graffiti gets painted out faster if you call the police (626-744-4241) than if you call the graffiti hotline (626-744-7622).

In addition to the above, the wall facing this wall was also tagged. The quality of the picture I took is poor (too disgusted to get out of the car) so I’m not gonna post it.


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

2 thoughts on “Good for Nothin’ 5

  1. I learned from someone in my neighborhood who volunteers with the police department that when the police respond to graffiti, they will take pictures of it and enter it into their database. Not sure if graffiti abatement does the same thing…might be another reason (in addition to speedy service) to call the police.

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