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Good for Nothin’ 3

I was up very early this morning for an LAX run. On the way home, I saw this (building on northeast corner of Lincoln Avenue and Montana). Sorry it is so dark…this was taken pre-sunrise at 5:15 am. I called the non-emergency Pasadena Police number to report it (626-744-4241). Now I get to observe how long it takes for an officer comes to photograph it before they paint it out. Or will they leave it up on purpose to see if the rivals cross it out? UPDATE: It was painted out by noon. Pretty fast, huh?

Graffiti 2 Feb 08

You can’t imagine how delighted I am to have so many opportunities to work on my graffiti decoder skills!

Previously on this wall…a post from July 2007.

Previously in this series…other walls. Good for Nothin’ (wall facing Montana near Fair Oaks) and Good for Nothin’ 2 (some Villa Boys vs Pasadena Latin Kings action).

UPDATE:  As Ann Erdman has pointed out in the comments, Pasadena’s regular graffiti removal number is 626-744-7622.  I do use that number during regular business hours.  I didn’t use it today because it is a Saturday.  Does someone retrieve messages from that number over the weekend?  Also, I’ve had the PPD tell me to call them directly.


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3 thoughts on “Good for Nothin’ 3

  1. Please follow up with a call to graffiti abatement also or else it won’t ever be dealt with. Thank you citizen!

  2. Great idea, Ann. I now have the GRH number program into my cell phone, along with the number for the LA County Sheriff’s number (thanks, Deb). I’m ready for anything.

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