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Retail is Tough in this Town

Times are tough for selling stuff in Pasadena. The furniture store at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Montana Street closed a while back after limping along for over a year. Considering that former furniture giant Levitz is closing its retail locations (due to bankruptcy) I guess this isn’t much of a shock. I mean, how often do you really buy a couch? For me it’s one of those once-every-10-years kind of things.

We did our part for this little store. Bought a couch (it was time). Bought a rug. Nice stuff. I’m very thorough, so of course I dragged The Scout to every furniture store in town to make sure we weren’t missing something. The Scout is fussy particular about his likes and dislikes…part of that whole visual artist thing. And he really liked the couch at this store best. We were more than happy to find what we liked at a local business.

Home - couch

Ah yes, blogging at its finest. Our couch on the Interwebs for the world to see. No wonder real journalists look down their noses at bloggers.

Here’s a bit of the rug while I’m at it.

Home - rug

Kinda looks like something Miss Havisham would own, doesn’t it?

Now there are signs up that a dental clinic is moving in. I’m guessing this will be a for-profit enterprise.

Dental clinic under construction

Do we classify this under healthcare or under “service economy“? I’m holding out for the day when healthcare is not primarily a money-making enterprise.

Still, I’d rather something in that space than nothing.

= – = – = – = – =

A Plug for Perry’s Joint: Across the street from the dental-clinic-to-be is Perry’s Joint, 2051 Lincoln Avenue, Pasadena (very Altadena adjacent!). Perry’s has great sandwiches, free wireless Internet, and exceptional service. 626-798-4700. Street parking in the front, more parking in the back (note: spaces in the back are snug).


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2 thoughts on “Retail is Tough in this Town

  1. I’m heart broken! I didn’t realize that the furniture store on Lincoln has closed. I loved the owners and thought that they offered a quality product at a moderate price. I didn’t have a need for any big ticket items, but did purchase several end tables and a burlap bed skirt.

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