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Unlipped zippage

Oh, it’s just so fun to have a blog. One day, I can avow my open-mindness toward the candidates in the national political circus. And the very next day, I can let you know who I like the best. La-di-da, la-di-da.

First, you have to guess. Hint: think “under the radar” (much like this blog).

The answer is Dennis Kucinich.

Short enough to relate to the little people.

You can go here and take this handy little test. It’ll tell you which candidates most closely match your concerns/beliefs/priorities. No doubt, there is some inherent skewing with the test. Whatever. It’s fun. Take it and let me know what happens.

My top three matches:
1. Dennis Kucinich – According to the test, the only thing I disagree with DK about is ‘no child left behind’ but I’m not sure what the exact nature of the disagreement is. Whatever it is, it is not a deal-breaker.

2. Mike Gravel – My differences with Mr. Gravel (no longer still in the race) have to do with guns, background checks for owning guns, and minimum wage increase. Guess which one of us lives in Northwest Pasadena?

3. Barack Obama – The test says my differences with Der Wunderkind are over the Patriot Act, the border fence, Iran sanctions, and same-sex marriage.

My top Republican was Ron Paul (no surprise there).

Leaving out Duncan Hunter, with whom I apparently should not be in the same continent, here are the bottom three Republicans (listed in reverse order – that is, ending with the one I disagree with the most):

Mike Huckabee
Tom Tancredo
Mitt Romney

Huckabee and Tancredo are two of the non-believers in evolution.  Frankly, I shudder every time I think about that.  What do we have to do–chain them to a wall of the Grand Canyon?

Well, that’s what the test says. Yes, I know that Dennis Kucinich is not going to be the Democratic nominee. Cry me a martini.