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My Zips Are Lipped

Today’s Pasadena Star-News lets us know who our local officials are supporting in the upcoming presidential election. Adam Schiff has declared for Obama, Anthony Portantino (who loves to hug WCGB when he sees her) for Edwards, etc.Here’s a choice quote:

Lonnee Hamilton, a Pasadena Obama campaign volunteer, said Schiff’s endorsement would be huge for her efforts to turn out voters for her candidate.“California’s going to be a battleground, and with (Schiff’s) endorsement, I think we can deliver a key district to Sen. Obama,” said Hamilton.

Ahem. Just because Adam Schiff licked his finger and held it up to the wind doesn’t mean I’m going to feel that same wind in my hair. I see that wind blowing, and I may even feel that wind later on. But I resent the idea that I’m going to lock-step follow my congressperson’s endorsement.Seems to me that I have a few weeks to decide who I think is the best candidate. Thanks for your input, Adam and Anthony. Now, please get back to work (and I don’t mean campaigning for your chosen ones).What about state senator Jack Scott? The PSN says:

Senator Jack Scott, D-Pasadena, has not endorsed anyone yet but said might do so in the next few weeks.

Way to go, Jack. Thanks for teasing my ears.I just love a good spoonerism.

PS If you read the Pasadena Star-News on line, you may have seen: Tell us what you think about our Web site! Take a very short survey. It’s a lack of pies. I took that survey and it is LONG. I mean like 100 questions long. Unfortunately, I am a nice person who is trying to be a good consumer of her local news media. Do not make the same mistake!!!