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Good for Nothin’ 2

graffiti Glen & Idaho

On Glen Avenue at Idaho Street, Pasadena.

graffiti FO & Tremont

On Fair Oaks Avenue at Tremont, Pasadena. Saw this one as I was getting off the bus.

Looks like the same perps as Good for Nothin’ 1. Seriously folks, I’m not driving or walking around TRYING to find this stuff. This is stuff I just HAPPEN TO SEE as I’m on my merry humbuggish way.

Now I need to check to see if any of this has been removed yet.

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Good for Nothin’

Graffiti isn’t the problem, it is the symptom. I saw the first deposit of this on Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon, the second deposit had been made.

I’m now special friends with graffiti abatement (626-744-7622) but I guess they don’t work on weekends. Well, that’s what the Pasadena police said yesterday when I called their non-emergency number. (Non emergency calls for police response: 626-744-4241)

How many kids get to walk by this on their way to school this morning? And if we’re really serious about the gang issue, why can’t this be removed over the weekend?

graffiti - Poncitlan

You may be settling back in your chair right now, thinking that you don’t live in  Northwest Pasadena, so this isn’t your issue. But look what I saw the other day on the restaurant-formerly-known-as-Monty’s:

Graffiti on Monty’s

Notice anything?

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Traffic Alt Delete

Why is this dog perplexed?

traffic on lake - doggie

Doggie is astounded at the amount of traffic going north on Lake Avenue in Pasadena (between Colorado and Walnut) when it isn’t even rush hour.

traffic on lake 1

Yeah, traffic is old news around here. It just IS. Still, sometimes I’m amazed when I’m going 3 mph in the middle of a week day for no apparent reason.

I have been doing more of the take-the-bus-and-read thing. I really like reading on the bus. Sitting on the bus and reading feels like I’m doing two things at once! What is it with women and multi-tasking?

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Breakfast (with a PS about AP) (and a bit about Lilli)



PS – You may have seen AP’s post about playing the piano…”I am an awesome piano player” he says. And you may have thought to yourself, “Self, that’s just AP shootin’ off at the mouth again.”

But I was there when AP took the bench. I’m waiting for Chopsticks or Heart and Soul and out comes a little Bach, a little Chopin, and some seasonally correct Xmas carols.

So it is true. AP is awesome piano player.

Likewise, my friend Lilli Cloud (who also witnessed AP tickling the ivories) is an awesome singer. Back in October, I got to hear her in Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. I liked it because it hasn’t passed into the realm of overused Xmas music. I’m really having a hard time with Xmas music this year. Well, I have a hard time every year, and this year is no exception. More on that later. In the meantime, click on that link to Bach because it isn’t the whole thing, just a little taste, and it is beautiful, and it won’t make you throw up like all that Xmas crap.

So AP played the piano, and Susan and Doc M and Lilli and I sang The First Noel. I guess because it was live and because Lilli sings like a pro, I didn’t toss my cookies.

A plug for Lilli: She’s got a new business . Here’s an excerpt from the site:

If you’re ready to make a career change, launch your own small business or give your business a boost, you’ve come to the right place. Step inside and replace those pumps and penny loafers with your very own Blue Feet.

You can read about Lilli’s adventures in Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands, here.