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Gearing Up

We’re ready for the Rose Parade tomorrow. If my mom feels well enough (she’s visiting from Oregon), we’ll be there.

Beijing 2008

Leave a comment if you’d like a shirt. I’ve given away most of my stash, but I have a couple left. I’m not gonna march, yell, or drop leaflets. I’m simply going to turn around when the Beijing 2008 float goes by. And then turn back around and watch the rest of the parade.

  • You can read about the issues here (Reporters Without Borders).
  • Here’s the link for the Visual Artists Guild. The VA Guild posted this YouTube video entitled “North American Campaign for Free Burma Road Trip (Pasadena)”–worth watching if you’ve never see Ann Lau in action. Yeah, it’s got Bill Paparian too. Whatever.
  • A recent report from Amnesty International re: persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is here.
  • Metroblogging LA (thanks frazgo) has a nice round-up.
  • Best of all, our own US State Department published this report in 2006. That last one is a real read-it-and-weep.

Truth be told, I’m looking forward to the Dodgers float. All hail the mighty Vin Scully.

Peace out.