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Good for Nothin’

Graffiti isn’t the problem, it is the symptom. I saw the first deposit of this on Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon, the second deposit had been made.

I’m now special friends with graffiti abatement (626-744-7622) but I guess they don’t work on weekends. Well, that’s what the Pasadena police said yesterday when I called their non-emergency number. (Non emergency calls for police response: 626-744-4241)

How many kids get to walk by this on their way to school this morning? And if we’re really serious about the gang issue, why can’t this be removed over the weekend?

graffiti - Poncitlan

You may be settling back in your chair right now, thinking that you don’t live in  Northwest Pasadena, so this isn’t your issue. But look what I saw the other day on the restaurant-formerly-known-as-Monty’s:

Graffiti on Monty’s

Notice anything?