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Rose Parade Prep

Saw this while on south Raymond last week (click to embiggen):

Native American in Waiting

It’s kind of fun to happen upon a float here and there before the parade. Just what is being represented by this Native American? The good old days of cigar advertising? A memorial to the Tongva?

The parade titles are always so lame. This year it’s Passport to the World’s Celebrations. Bet those Chinese who aren’t allowed to leave China would love such a passport.

One imagines that some T of R members have a bit of a headache this morning, what with the negative press about the China-sponsored float heating up. Here’s the link to the Reporters Without Borders page on their China campaign. On that page, note link to sign petition.

I hope that Native American float is sponsored by a SoCal casino. (Though the Tongva aren’t into gaming.)