Not Your Momma’s Northwest Pasadena 3

Hats off to Jacque Robinson, who instead of employing cronyism to distribute her allotment of Rose Bowl and Rose Parade tickets, held a raffle at a District 1 community meeting yesterday.

Those of us who weren’t able to attend the meeting had the opportunity to mail in our raffle entries. Jacque herself called to tell me that I won Rose Bowl tickets. Or more precisely, I won the opportunity to buy Rose Bowl tickets at face value.

Which I will do. So USC fans, prepare to be milked.

9 Responses to “Not Your Momma’s Northwest Pasadena 3”

  1. Rattling the Kettle Says:

    Umm…I don’t think that’s what she had in mind…but good for you!

  2. Morning Roundup 12.3.07 | The Foothill Cities Blog Says:

    […] WCGB Wins Rose Bowl Tickets in Community Raffle: […]

  3. mark Says:

    Steve Haderlein always raffles off Rose Bowl & Parade tickets. Not a new idea here.

  4. howey Says:

    At the previous district 1 meeting she didn’t raffle the tickets, she walked through the assembled and gave them out to those she deemed worthy. This included a non resident of our fair district she happened to “know”. I am glad the process is now more transparent and I am very pleased for you. Congratulations! I am even happier to hear that sub -lieutenant Ogilvy didn’t win squat.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Now I’m wondering what other city council members are doing this year.

  6. Morning Roundup 12.4.07 | The Foothill Cities Blog Says:

    […] At the risk of turning this blog into a libertarian rag, I will acknowledge reader AA’s insistent emails and link to this Reason study, which found that San Diego could save a bundle of money with managed competition for city services. AA does make a good point in that there is an enormous amount of fat in the provision of public services, but between Reason and Ron Paul, we fear we are starting to look like shameless capitalists, almost as bad as another local blogger. […]

  7. Bill Howdle Says:

    I am so sorry it has been a while since my last comment. I will be returning to do so more properly shortly. I ask you for a huge favor. I have received a most touching and heart breaking comment on my site. From a 14 year old who’s father is dying of brain cancer. I was so touched I published her short comment as a post. I am asking please for prayers but also short comments be left on my site. I will be emailing her and inviting her to return to what I hope will be a page of love and support for her. I do thank you so much

  8. mark Says:

    Ms. Robinson in District 1 is handling out the parade tickets and selling the game tickets to those who helped her lucky attempt to win her council seat. I too was at the district meeting and she was the queen of the ball. I hope that she appreciates the fact that she was lucky to win. If not for the racial & 50/50 coalition elements of the race she would have lost it to Henderson or Robin.

  9. howey Says:

    She won the election and I hope she does the best for our district.

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