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Autlan, Jalisco 3

Round 3. Some Most are quick-grab-the-camera fuzzy. Some were taken when it was almost dark and are hard to see. Let’s just call this the “Gringa’s impressions of Mexico” series.


On the way to La Expo. El Grullo, Jalisco.

El Gruello - little girls

El Grullo little boy

El Grullo camera shy

Kids in El Grullo.

Autlan - band practice

Band practice in Autlan.

the horn section

The horn section.

Autlan shop

A shop in Autlan.

Autlan woman walking

Autlan Mobil

Autlan street

Autlan shadow

El Grullo arty farty

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The Whole Foods Flagship

Hello, Pasadena! The ship has docked. I haven’t been yet—but I know I will go. And I will be both amazed and disgusted by this new Cathedral of Foodism. Amazed because of the beauty and variety and aroma of freshly roasted nuts. Disgusted because this screams “bigger divide between haves and have-nots” to me. Do they take WIC?

As far as I can tell, the only thing they don’t have is rooms for rent.

Here’s some linkage for you:

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Whole Foods site (Worth reading for their descriptions. Eco-chic apparel? Gimme a break.)

Bye bye, Wild Oats at California and Lake. Are you going to turn back into a Gelson’s (which is what you were before your new building)?  UPDATE: Nick has pointed out that I mean Jurgenson’s, not Gelson’s.  I didn’t shop there, but I used to have their big yummy-but-gloopy sandwiches once in a while.

Nah, I guess Gelson’s will keep hanging on over there at the Paseo. Are you going to be a Fresh and Easy? Whatever—just please don’t sit empty for long.

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Autlan, Jalisco 2

More of The Scout’s photos from Mexico. The Scout wants you to know that most of these photos were not printed as dark as he would have liked them. So if you laptop users tilt your screen back a little, you’ll get a better idea of what he was after.

curtain blowing

Imagine you’ve never been to California, and someone offers you a free trip. You buy a guide book and read all about San Francisco. You arrive in California and learn that you will be spending all your time in Bakersfield.

autlan brick wall & tree

That’s what the trip to Mexico was like for me. They said to The Scout, ‘We want you to go to Guadalajara.’ But they wanted chiles and agave, so that meant Autlan de Navarro. A nice enough town, and the birthplace of Carlos Santana.  But the guide book had engendered a hunger for the Orozco murals in Guadalajara. Orozco murals. Orozco murals.
Autlan red chile cu

As my brother has rightly pointed out, the camera always lies. Jalapenos are green–they turn red when they are off the plant and past their prime. I found this red chile on the ground and The Scout used it as a prop. When you see the commercial, you will see weathered hands picking red chiles. And you will laugh, because now you know that doesn’t happen in real life.

Autlan Casta Negra

This is the Casta Negra distillery (destiladora) in El Mentidero (just outside of Autlan on the road to El Grullo). We found this the old fashioned way–driving around and looking. Whatta find! El Grullo is the sister city of Kent, Washington.

Autlan Casta Negra barrels

The reposado at rest.

Now for some of my snaps:

Autlan scout destiladora

The Scout at work.

Autlan pinas

Agave waiting to be roasted.

Autlan destiladora horno

The roasting oven.

Autlan cut agave

We got to taste the roasted agave–a sweet, carmel-like coating covers the stringy, pulpy stuff. You scrape it off with your teeth.

Autlan destiladora plastic bottles

While we there, a guy and his family came in. Instead of buying one of the already-filled glass bottles, they filled up four plastic containers for the guy. Must be less expensive.

Autlan bottles of Casta Negra

Very affordable at only 70 pesos ($7 bucks) per bottle. Not available in the US–yet. They’re working on it.

Autlan seats

Outside the destiladora. Two puppies were licking my ankles when I took this. Ah, how I suffer for art.

Autlan - man in El Mentidero

Sunday afternoon in El Mentidero.