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Great Ideas 3

It is time to get rid of the electoral college. Let’s ban the electoral college (here’s a new group).

Imagine my disappointment. I’m in elementary school. The Cold War is raging, icily. I’m on the side of the good guys, the side of democracy. Democracy = when you cast your vote it counts. One person gets one vote and it’s *fair* that way, isn’t it?

Yes, BUT…We have the electoral college. The same guy who spouted one of my favorite great ideas (separation of church and state) apparently also was not a fan of the electoral college: (courtesy of History House, quote below grabbed from here)

I have ever considered the constitutional mode of election ultimately by the Legislature voting by States as the most dangerous blot in our Constitution, and one which some unlucky chance will some day hit and give us a pope and antipope. – Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to George Hay, 1823.

Thomas Jefferson was talking about the Electoral College system. Jefferson was uniquely suited to despise the system, having already been stuck in an electoral tie in the 1800 election with Aaron Burr. As the electors couldn’t decide who was going to be the next president, the House had to decide the election, and it was so partisan that it held thirty-six runoffs (Jefferson eventually won). Back then, the second-place winner of the Presidential election contest became Vice-President, and so Jefferson was stuck with Burr for his first term. The two men hated each other.

Remember the popular vote in 2000?

Bush 50,456,002 (47.87%)
Gore 50,999,897 (48.38%)

I’m not dwelling in the past. I’m thinking about the future.

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