3 thoughts on “Weary

  1. I have called the graffiti abatement # a number of times and they have been very quick about removing it. If you notice something highly unusual or dangerous call the police also. Here is an example. There was a certain curb that got tagged in my neighborhood on a weekly basis. I would call the graffiti abatement # and the city would take care of it rather quickly. One week the graffiti was crossed out and replaced by different graffiti in a different color. Even though I was raised in suburbia I knew them was fighting words. So this time I called the graffiti abatement # and the cops and apologized if I was wasting the time of the latter. They were very interested and sent someone out to photograph the graffiti before the city could paint it over.

  2. Dammit Kelly, that’s some of my best work. You called and reported me? That’s it! I’m switching to my knittah tagging.

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