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I like Facebook. I like it more than MySpace. And though technical acumen is not my forte (how do I get an accent over that “e”?), I’m going to pass on some links for Facebook users that I found courtesy of someone u

Uh Oh—  I’ve tried to “save and continue editing” this post twice after putting in several links, and for some reason it isn’t working.  Did we really need to illustrate what I just said?

So just go here and you can read all about Facebook planning to open its files to Google Search, privacy issues, etc. (link courtesy of Susan; her picture illustrates the article).


This is a personal blog. Expect a potpourri of stuff.

3 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Glad you liked my evaluation of facebook.
    Thanks for the link!

    Sorry about your tech issues. I often write my posts in Word or another wordprocessing program.

  2. I’M A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, PERSON!!! Kelly, I am SO SORRY that I didn’t warn you that I wasn’t going to the LA Angst thing. I’ve been off my rocker (I know, what else is new?) and I completely forgot. I am so sorry…I hope that you didn’t lug your toaster over there…. Here you were being all nice, then it’s like I just rubbed your neighbors boobies in your face. Please forgive me.

    I hope that you’ll let me make it up to you and be our guest up here in Santa Barbara on Saturday, Oct. 27th for a Halloween Blogger Party. We’re having it in a BEAUTIFUL Spanish barn and all food and drink will be provided.

    Please email me if you’re interested. Costumes aren’t mandatory, but strongly encouraged. If peeps could at least wear accessories, like hats, wigs, assless chaps, you know, the usual.

  3. oops. bad link w/ two sets of http:// (read that aitch tea tea pee colon slash slashes) Which, if you mostly do what the words say, (tea tea pee) there’s more than a little unintended truth in the matter. Don’t know about the colon, though. Who knew that the web was so focused on digestion? But I digress.

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