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Parking at LAX–Lot B

UPDATE 28 April 2008 – Reader Russ suggests that Lot B is not a good place to park.

He writes:

We parked in LOT B for 5 days, April 21 - 25, 2008. Upon returning at 9:30pm on 
Friday night, we found that our brand new tires had been vandalized along with 
several other cars in the lot.  Security and the lot employees told us that it 
happens all the time.  Their excuse is that the lot is too large to watch 24/7.  
Thugs walk in and out of there all day.  DO NOT PARK HERE!!

Original post follows:

Here’s an easy quiz question for you, blog aficionado. Blogs are for:

(A) Grousing about The General State of Things

(B) Pretty pictures

(C) Revealing the odd workings of one’s mind to the rest of the world

(D) Sharing useful information

(E) All of the above

My experience is your gain, dear reader, for here is an entry that falls under ‘D.’ We rarely park at LAX, but on a recent trip we parked in Lot B. Lot B is operated by the airport, and is a bargain at $8.00 per day. For your $8, you get to park right under incoming aircraft. After 5 days in the lot, our car was dirty from the exhaust, but not as bad as I expected.

The shock was returning to the car to find a parking ticket. Reason for the ticket? Well, I’m not sure because “other” is checked, with $52.00 written in. I asked the lot attendant about it, and she guessed it was because we didn’t have our front license plate on.

The Scout has been reticent to put on the front plate, because if he’s using the car in location photos, the front plate is a “visual distraction.” Which is true, but we are supposed to sport our front license plates nonetheless (he could always take it off for the photos).

So Lot B parker beware—the lot is patrolled by the City of LA looking for easy money. Mind your license plates, your registration stickers, anything that gives pause and cause to eager ticket writers.

Our endeavor to save money in Lot B ended up costing us more than a covered Wally Park spot with AAA discount would have cost. But if I hadn’t gone to Lot B, I wouldn’t have discovered The Proud Bird (I’m a sucker for kitch). I didn’t eat there, and probably won’t– I’m taking this 4/23/07 review to heart. Still, a drink with a view is always a fun thing.

A lot of LAX employees park in Lot B, so the bus had far more employees than fellow travelers.

Lot B Bus

If anyone else has a Lot B experience, I’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, thank God for Burbank.